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July 2024

May 3, 2012

Observations from Toronto

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Many people drive cars in Toronto. They sometimes drive with small dogs in their lap. If not driving their small dog, there is a good chance they are walking it on the street.

Apparently no bike-helmet laws. Many bikers defying death.

Saw Kelly Hrudy and PJ Stock on the street outside the CBC building. Looks like they were on a coffee run. Really? Had to leave the building to get decent coffee?

Lots of smokers here too. Weird.

August 26, 2007

More Art to Grace the Walls

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Somebody’s in the KitchenAnother thing we did on Salt Spring Island was to purchase art.

The picture is titled Somebody’s in the Kitchen and was painted by Jerry Davidson, a resident of Salt Spring. He painted it with pastels and we were very impressed with the detail he achieved with such a soft medium.

Its just delightful but my photo doesn’t quite capture the details as well as you might see in person. As you imagine, we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. It was framed with very reflective glass so we’ll have to replace that at some point, but there isn’t any rush.

And unlike the last one, this time we actually checked to see that it would fit into the car.

February 5, 2006

Superbowl XL

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This year’s Superbowl has now come and gone. We had a few friends over again, its become traditional to host a small gathering at our place every year. The reason? We have digital cable which allows us to tune into a U.S. station to see the commercials. Most of the “good” commercials don’t air on Canadian channels, so normally unless you like football there isn’t much reason to watch. But we get to see the ads in all their splendor.

My favorite this year was the Magic Refridgerator. As usual, I don’t recall what it was for; probably a beer company, since it seems beer companies buy more ad space than anyone else. Most other ads weren’t very exciting although the GoDaddy.com ad sparked a lot of interest. I still have no idea what they do and don’t really care. :^)

This year I cared who won the game, so I watched the football almost as intently as the advertisements. I was rooting for Seattle (nearly local team), and I think they were capable of winning. A couple of bad calls didn’t break their way, although at least one other questionable call did. In the end though it was clear that the Steelers battled harder; their defense did an amazing job to shut down the Seattle game for the second half. Even so, the Seahawks didn’t help themselves with two missed field goals, bad penalties and an interception. I guess there is always next year!

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