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April 2007

April 29, 2007

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

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wii.jpgI’m not someone who plays video games very often, I own two or three games and have lost interest in all of them. I’ve never owned a GameCube, XBox or Playstation. I never really caught the game fever.

Then comes the Nintendo Wii. I’ve seen the advertising. I’ve heard about it from other people. But never played one until a work event a few weeks ago. It took exactly one game of the Wii Play cow racing to hook me like an addict.

I came home and revealed my new weakness to Eileen. Even my verbal description was enough to get her interested in the idea too.

Of course wanting a Wii isn’t quite the same thing as owning a Wii. They are still in short supply and finding a store with some in stock is rather complicated. Speaking with others in the know, it requires investigation not unlike something out of a Mickey Spillane story.

You must call around to every electronics store in town hoping they’ll know something. You must stop into stores early in the morning to corner the underpaid, overworked staff and convince them to reveal the shipping schedule. You might get lucky enough to overhear about it from someone who’s cousin knows a guy, etc.

Last week we scored. Eileen had phoned a store near us and got the news, delivered in a faint whisper so nobody could eavesdrop: they had them in stock right now. I raced over and of course there are none on the shelf. I managed to corner a staff member who was appropriately cagey about the exact status, but was willing to look around in the back. Another fellow was also buying one and we both felt very cool.

A few minutes later the fellow emerged from the stock room with a plain brown box. He looked around, spotted us and casually strolled over like he was not carrying anything important. We got to look inside the box to see our Wii but couldn’t touch it. We got the long lecture about accessories and extra games (I bought some) and the extended service plan (bought it too).

Then the plain brown box was paraded through the store to the check-out desk, with the small group of people trailing behind like it contained a holy relic.

We’ve had the Wii for several days now and find it screaming fun. My favorite Wii Sports game is the bowling, favorite Wii Play game is the cow racing. I’ve started the Zelda game too, its pretty well done although not as well integrated with the Wii-style controls as I’d hoped.

Is there a Wii in your future?

April 18, 2007

How stupid are eBay buyers?

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If you saw an item on eBay titled “$$ NEW IN BOX WII VIDEO GAME CONSOLE WHOLESALE LIST $$” that was listed for $99 USD would you buy one?

Likely you would if you are as smart as the average pet rock.


Here is the posting: don’t bother with this stupid offer.

The best part is reading the fine print towards the end of the listing. Statements such as “You are not getting what is pictured in the photo” and “Ignorance is not an excuse if you did not read or misread this auction” are strong indications of predatory behavior yet I suspect eBay will be powerless to stop such stupidity due to their own acceptable use policies.

As of 9pm there were nine bidders, with less than 10 minutes remaining. Idiots.

April 15, 2007

Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

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We were fortunate enough to attend the Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars Game 2 here in Vancouver but are relegated to watching CBC for today’s game.

The Dallas Stars are really strong defensively and appear to be winning the majority of face-offs. And the Canucks can’t stay out of the penalty box. Sigh. Let’s hope it doesn’t take four overtimes to win this time, but if that is what it takes to win then I’m all for it!

The other series I’ve been following include Detroit vs. Calgary and Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh. Yay the Flames are already down by two games; with some luck they’ll be out in five games. The Penguins probably don’t have what it takes to win their series but so far its been fun to watch.

I don’t know exactly when I started to really follow the NHL so closely. I didn’t grow up a huge fan of hockey. I can even recall not knowing much about hockey when we moved to Vancouver. But in the last few years both Eileen and I have really acquired a strong interest, even a passion, for the sport. And this time of year is so much fun, even watching teams I wouldn’t normally follow.

Been following the games? Got any picks to offer for the various Round 1 series?

April 11, 2007


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canucks.gifThe playoffs have started and (against all predictions back in October) the Canucks are looking like a real hockey team with potential to go at least two rounds. There are also many other interesting match-ups this year too. I think the Ottawa-Pittsburgh series will be fun, as will the Detroit-Calgary series.

The Canucks-Dallas game tonight turned out to be very, very exciting to watch. It was not exactly the dull, defensive game predicted by the pundits. Lots of offense and defense, four overtime periods, what else could a fan ask for? How about a win? The Sedin brothers deliver the winning goal to win 5-4. I wonder if anyone will have any strength left for Friday’s game?

It was really quite nice to see the whole game in high definition on CBC too, although we are looking forward to seeing the next game in person!

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