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May 2012

May 20, 2012

Rangers fans fly to New Jersy for Game 3

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Eileen spotted a picture in the New York Times today that was odd, to say the least. Above the story about the Rangers run in 1994 was a picture of Rangers fans on a flight to New Jersey to see Game 3. The caption read “Rangers fans chartered a flight from La Guardia Airport in New York to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey for Game 3”.

Just last night we were talking about a trip to New York in the Fall and catch a Rangers game while we are there. I told her that we could go across the river to see a Devils game on the same trip, thus crossing off two more teams to see. Google Maps shows its 26 minutes from Madison Square Garden to Prudential Center when taking public transit. So I thought it was a joke that fans would fly from one city to another.

Turns out its a promotional thing and the full story (with picture) is available online here. Fun!

May 5, 2012

Hockey Hall of Fame

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Can’t imagine visiting Toronto without a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Its actually a neat place to visit, giving a great perspective on the breadth and depth of the sport, plus some history including the early development of the NHL.

There was a video about the history of the Stanley Cup that finished with a review of the Cancuks-Bruins final last spring, including video from the games. Looked for Eileen and I in the audience but didn’t see us. Of course the video put emphasis on on the winners. Made me sad all over again!

May 3, 2012

Observations from Toronto

Filed under: Entertaining — Bob @ 5:03 pm

Many people drive cars in Toronto. They sometimes drive with small dogs in their lap. If not driving their small dog, there is a good chance they are walking it on the street.

Apparently no bike-helmet laws. Many bikers defying death.

Saw Kelly Hrudy and PJ Stock on the street outside the CBC building. Looks like they were on a coffee run. Really? Had to leave the building to get decent coffee?

Lots of smokers here too. Weird.

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