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March 2006

March 21, 2006

Current Events

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Two things to report: (1) yet another change in Eileen’s book; and (2) after nearly twelve years at Creo (and later Kodak) I’m leaving.

Eileen’s book will now be titled In the Stars and will be published in February 2007. I think I liked the last title (Predicting Mr. Right) better but I’m definitely not the target audience. On the other hand the publisher’s marketing department are paid professionals and likely know what they are doing, so they get many more votes than me.

The second bit of news pales by comparison but is still significant enough to report. Way back in December 1994 Eileen and I moved to Vancouver so that I could join a 200 person company named Creo Inc. The company grew (eventually to 4000 people worldwide before being acquired by Kodak) and I was always able to find new challenges; however the last year or so has not been quite as exciting or challenging or rewarding as I’d hoped.

Last week I accepted an offer from Sophos Inc. here in Vancouver. I start at the beginning of April. I’m really looking forward to the change; it’s an entirely new market and new company with a family of new products to learn and work with. I’ll be writing software again, I find that part very exciting too. I’m nervous in a very excited way!

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