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October 2006

October 9, 2006

Why? Why does it always happen to the best ones?

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I just found out that the television program Smith was cancelled last Friday.

I was looking for it on the guide, I was expecting it to be on later tonight on CTV. I couldn’t find it, so I went to the CTV website but there is absolutely no references to be found. The CBS website is far enough behind that they are still talking about last week’s episode.

A search on Google turned up the Wikipedia link so I visited it, and found out the news.

Sure, episode two wasn’t as good as episode one, but episode three was really fantastic and both Eileen and I were eagerly anticipating tonight’s episode.

So sad. So tragic.

Robothon 2006

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thumbnail.jpgI just uploaded a bunch of pictures from Robothon, figured I’d get them up and spend some time annotating them later. There were some really impressive robots to see this year and everyone had a great time.

Dave Hylands has some video from the Line Maze event. You can see my robot Hyperion run through its three attempts. Watch some of the other ones too, some are very impressive.

On a related note, the Vancouver Robotics Club will hold its annual event on October 21st. Details available on our website.

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