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September 2007
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September 22, 2007

On the Road Again

Filed under: Commentary — Bob @ 7:41 am

Eileen and I left the great country of Canada yesterday to venture south for the annual SRS Robothon event. I’ve been giddy all week to get here, but wasn’t quite prepared for the hour and a half wait at the border. This gave us a chance to debate why the border crossing was so slow. We reached two possible answers:

  1. The border guards believe if they inflict enough suffering on travelers they will discourage future trips, making it will be easier to pick out the terrorists (who will come anyways) from the tourists (who will instead fly to their destination)
  2. Like the people living near Tijuana, everyone in Vancouver has decided to venture to that third-world country to the south to buy cheap stuff, go to wild parties and be a nuisance on the local population

Either explanation works for me. Along the way, we say a couple of very funny bumper stickers.


We had a lot of fun making jokes about both of these, although we expected that you’d never see both of these on the same car. Otherwise it was an uneventful trip to Seattle, and we arrived by dinner time.

I’ll be posting my photos from Robothon as soon as I get back to Vancouver.

And a follow-up from the last post, apparently there is some potential legal issues with simply plunking your robot on the Moon without a permit. Really? Would they give you a parking ticket?

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