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May 15, 2007

Western Canadian Robot Games 2007

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The Western Canadian Robotics Society held their annual event this past weekend, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend again. This year the event was held at the Aero Space Museum out near the Calgary airport.

Once again, it was a great event! I captured a number of photos and short video clips (not always the best quality, sorry) here. I haven’t had a chance to clean them up or even give them proper titles and descriptions yet, but maybe you’ll enjoy them anyways.

In addition to the minisumo events there were the classic events of line following and mine sweeper. There was also a nice First Lego League demonstration. Since I was flying and had to bring my robots on the plane, I only took my two minisumos: Velox and The Thin Man. As you could imagine, I had to put them in my suitcase, there was no way I would be allowed on the flight with something that is basically a sharp chunk of metal.

There were eight minisumos competing in the “advanced” class this year. It took six rounds to declare The Thin Man the first place winner, while Velox took third place. Craig Limber’s Sayonar Sucker had an excellent day and earned second place. It helped that Dave Hylands wasn’t attending this year, he is going to PDXBot.07 this coming weekend instead.

It was a lot of fun again this year and you can be certain I’ll plan to go again next year.

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