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June 17, 2010

New seats for next season

Filed under: Hockey — Bob @ 7:31 pm

Eileen and I went to the Canucks seat selection session last night to pick new seats for next season. The new season won’t start until October but we are still looking forward to it!

The seat selection process is both thrilling and depressing – GM Place has something like 18,800 seats for each game (sold out every night) and yet there are really only a handful of seats available when we get the opportunity to pick. We could have kept our same seats from last year, but we were looking for something a little better: less behind the goalie and more around the side towards the blue line. We also were interested to get closer to the front row.

We lucked out this year, there were a few seats that met our “upgrade” requirements: about half-way between the goal line and the blue line, and row 3. The picture here shows the view of the defensive zone net from our seat. Nice!

Its going to be a long summer waiting for the season to start!

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