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December 3, 2005

More Site Progress

Filed under: Site Stuff,World Wide Web — Bob @ 10:56 am

I’ve slowly started to clean up things in the presentation. I still don’t fully grasp style sheets with layout so things continue to be an odd mix of CSS and traditional HTML attributes for my tables. Probably will sort it out sometime in the future, as right now the presentation is good enough even if the underlying code is not.

Got Gallery back online too. Click on the little camera picture in the upper right corner to enter the photo gallery section. If you know the old bobandileen.com site then you’ll recall that I had created my own gallery database but sort of “forgot” to keep updating it. In the meantime there is something like a bazillion different gallery implementions available and many of them are really nice. I settled on Gallery2 and I’m extremely happy with it.

Also managed to get the Archives page working but there are still some ugly presentation issues to sort out. Sigh. Next up will be the Contact page.

Eileen had recently checked in on my progress but didn’t notice that the Photos link was attached to the camera picture. So I added some clickable text below the graphic with the hope that visitors will discover one or both of the links.

I typically don’t enable comments for my posts. This is for two reasons: I don’t think very many people (if any) know that I’ve started writing new articles for this site, and I don’t want to have to figure out how to deal with spammers and other lower forms of life filling up comments with crap. But someday I will probably switch my thinking on this.

Eileen says she wants more help getting her site configured, so that will be a focus for several hours this weekend I’m certain.

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